Primarily, the members of the community in USA were very less in numbers and scattered all over the country. Over a period of time the strength of the families and members grew, and also happened to be more centralized around Central Jersey and New York. Although at present many families and members of the community are settled in different parts of the country, they still support the organization. At present we have about 150 families in the nearby vicinity of Central Jersey and New York and the numbers are still growing gradually. This reflects the economic and academic progress of the community.

Initially, all cultural and religious activities like Pooja, Paryushan, Picnic, Diwali Party and various other dharmik activities were arranged, accommodated and hosted by members of our samaj voluntarily.

Over a period of time, stalwarts of the society jointly thought of formalizing the community by forming a “Not for Profit Organization” and decided to fund it through various contributions from members and families within the community. These joint efforts and dedication ultimately gave rise to an entity named “Shree Nursinhpura Digamber Jain Samaj of USA (SNDJSOUSA)” before us! Today, members of the community acknowledges their gratitude to all those who formed, nurtured and supported this religious cause.

With maturity and passage of time, thoughts and ideals undergo change. Today, one of our main goal, out of many, is to see that our future and young generation can adopt the ideology of Jainism with ease and promote this religious cause across all of USA. To fulfill these goals of our founders and to see this cause coming true will require lot of support, dedication and commitment from all members of our samaj.

Present office bearers express their commitment to further enhance these objectives and take it near to the reality. Finally, let us all rise to the occasion and see that this organization is able to meet the objectives for which it was formed and be instrumental in fulfilling this dream come to reality!